School Safety


Safety is the utmost importance of PS 100Q.  With this in mind all visitors must present identification when entering the school building.  This policy is strictly enforced and visitors will not be allowed to enter the building without it.  Additionally, all visitors must have a pass when entering the building.  Each floor of our school has a designated color pass which must be obtained at the security desk, prior to admittance into the building.  Visitors must hold their pass at all times when traveling within the building.  Visitors are not permitted to travel to other areas of the building without being escorted by a staff member.

Cell Phones:

Students are now permitted to keep their cell phones and electronics in their book bags.  Cell phones and electronics must be turned off or silenced.  Students are not permitted to keep these electronics on them during the school day.  Students found with electronics will be instructed to place the items back in their book bags. 

PS 100Q is not responsible for any lost or stolen items.


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