Physical Education


The Physical Education program at P.S. 100 is dedicated to teaching students how to lead an active and healthy lifestyle. While students participate in games and physical activities, they are learning how to work with each other cooperatively, how to help each other and give feedback, how to work through problems when they arise, and are recognizing the need for personal and social responsibility. Our goal is for our students to learn these skills so that they can use them inside and outside the school setting.

All grade levels participate in our yearly Jump Rope for Heart event that raises money for The American Heart Association.  They learn how to help save others and how to keep their own hearts healthy and strong.

P.S. 100 is proud to be a Move-to-Improve “All Star School”. The Move-to-Improve activities that students participate in are integrated into academic lessons so student are moving in the classrooms as well as in Physical Education class.

Throughout the year, students in PreK-2nd grade participate in activities such as yoga, bowling, throwing and catching, volleying, locomotor skills, ball skills (soccer/basketball), etc. Students are learning fundamental skills needed to help them as they grow as physically literate individuals.

As students move into grades 3-5, they begin to participate in team sports such as volleyball, soccer, basketball, and floor ball. Additionally, students participate in FitnessGram testing to determine their healthy fitness zones.