At PS 100 we take pride in taking special care of all of our students and their medical needs.  Students may obtain the care of the nurse when they are feeling under the weather.  The nurse contacts the household of any student who visits her, to inform parents/guardians off any and all medical issues.

A Note from Nurse Ava Brathwaite-Rushin:

For specific medical needs, parents may contact the nurse to receive a 504 form.  Once the form is completed by the student's pediatrician, the 504 form allows me to disperse medications such as asthma inhalers, nebulizer treatments, or medical prescriptions.   Epi-pens are housed in the nurses office in case of emergency purposes as well.  If a student requires an Epi-pen, parents must notify me as soon as possible.

In Good Health,

Nurse Ava