PS 100 continues to thrive using this computer-based Reading Intervention Program.  This K-5 program targets individual students’ needs.  Students are taught Max Phonics/Word through direct instruction by classroom teachers.  Students then practice the same lesson independently on the computer.  After the mini lesson, they use Max reading daily for 30 minutes.  We have seen much growth in Running Record levels throughout the school.  This program allows students to work at their own pace and on the skills that they need additional assistance in to become proficient readers. 


Additionally, students are strongly encouraged to use Maxscholar at home.  Many teachers assign stories for homework.  Teachers check home usage once a week. The more students use the program, the more successful they become as readers!   





Mentoring Minds: 

Motivation ELA 


Grades 3-5 prepare to take the NYS ELA.  We are using Mentoring Minds during the school day.  During Saturday School, we are using a supplemental program called ELAP.  Both programs have very engaging stories with extremely rigorous vocabulary embedded both within the stories, as well as, in the questions.  We are very confident that Mentoring Minds & ELAP, in conjunction with Maxscholar, will help our students meet their full potential.   




Feel free to contact 

Mrs. Reimer 

Assistant Principal of Literacy 

at (718) 558-1510