C. A. R. E.


CARE is the program our school uses to address the social/emotional needs of our students.


Second Step lessons + Mindfulness CARE period Friday  


Individual CARE Bucks – BLUE   

Students can earn for EXCEPTIONAL/MODEL behavior. 

Students can use bucks to purchase tickets to experiences that will be offered bi-monthly (i.e. dance party, movie, crafts, etc.).  Students can also save their bucks in order to participate in events that will be happening later in the school year.  

2018-2019 CARE Buck Incentives:

 5 Care Bucks

Friday, October 26, 2018  

Location – All Purpose Rm/Cafeteria  

Halloween Festival (K-2) 
Halloween Dance (3-5) 


8 Care Bucks  

Friday, December 7, 2018  


Holiday Movie (K-5) 


8 Care Bucks 

Friday, March 8, 2019 

Location – Cafeteria 

Game Day (K-5) 


8 Care Bucks

Friday, May 10, 2019 

Location – Gym 

Gym Competition (K-5) 


8  Care Bucks

Friday, June 24, 2019 

Location – Schoolyard 

Water balloon bash/picnic 


Class BUGS (Being Unusually Good) 

Earned by the entire class for EXCEPTIONAL behavior throughout the day.

Teacher can only give BUGS  to other classes (not their own).  

BUGS Build community within the school.

Each month the average number of BUGS  per grade will be calculated. 

If your child’s class meets or exceeds this number, they will participate in “Fun Friday” during the CARE period.

Building Independence  

Students in grades 4 and 5 will continue to have the privilege to walk up to their classrooms, independently.   

Students who cannot manage without adult supervision will cost their entire class the privilege  of walking up together.

In order to earn the privilege back, students must earn 10 morning arrival bucks. Those classes must be picked up by their teacher, until the privilege is earned back.  

Starting in January, 3rd Grade will have the opportunity to earn the privilege to walk up to their classrooms each morning.   


*What is a B.U.G.?  A BUG is a simple slip of paper, (i.e. a commendation card), with a picture of a bug on it, with the teacher’s name on it. 

*Who can give out a BUG?  Any staff member may award one BUG to a class (Classroom teachers may not BUG their own class.)  Each BUG counts as a class BUG.  There is a  BUG Board in the classrooms that allows the class to post them as they are received. 

*When are classes awarded a BUG?  A BUG. is awarded to an entire class when they are caught doing something exceptional (i.e. walking in the hallway correctly, well behaved at lunch etc.)   

*Can a BUG be retracted?  NO.  Once it’s awarded it is “non-retractable”! 

 *How will the winners be determined?  A GRADE AVERAGE will be taken based upon the individual class counts.  The classes that meet or exceed the grade average will be declared “winners” and are awarded participation in ‘Fun Friday” during the designated CARE period.